BTL Vanquish ME™

BTL Vanquish ME™: Non Surgical Fat Reduction

Vanquish™: Non Surgical Fat Reduction What is the latest in body contouring? Vanquish, an FDA-approved device that uses focused radio frequency waves to heat and breakdown fat cells.

No surgery. No pain. No downtime. The Vanquish applicator is suspended over the abdomen or thigh treatment area, about an inch above the skin, as it delivers a warm sensation while working below the surface to melt away stubborn fat cells. After your treatment, you can return to your regular daily activities.

What problem areas can Vanquish treat? Vanquish breaks down fat in your midsection in areas such as the abdomen, love handles, belly, flanks, and back fat. Thighs can also be treated with another applicator. Unlike other devices, Vanquish can treat a large surface area uniformly and in a single, hour-long treatment. After 4 weekly treatments, Vanquish clients see inches lost in problem areas. And, the best part is, this fat loss is permanent.

How can I find out if Vanquish™ is right for me? Make a complimentary consultation at Rejuvenate Medical Spa where our staff will discuss the benefits of a Vanquish treatment and show how the latest technology in pain-free, non-surgical, fat removal is right for you.



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