Redensity I 

Beauty Booster

Are you starting to notice changes in your skin? Are you wanting to keep it replenished, hydrated, and beautiful? Redensity I helps to protect and stimulate it for longer.

Redensity I helps the prevention of winkles, and rehydration of the face, neck, and neckline. 

Woman showing the elasticity of her skin by pulling her facial skin back

A Unique Formula

A high concentration of natural and free hyaluronic acid  plus a combination of antioxidants, amino acids, minerals, and vitamins is used to create this formula used for the Beauty Booster and are all already naturally present in our skin- making it safe.


Redensity I is a non-cross-linked hyaluronic acid gel and fluid which allows a smooth application by micro-injections in the chosen areas.

For hydration, arginine is used which is an amino acid that helps the body build protein.

For antioxidant protection, glutathione, n-acetyl-l-cystein, and alpha-lipoic acid are present.

When and Where should it be used?

  • It’s recommended to be used regularly as a core treatment to prevent cutaneous aging
  • In alternation with or as a complement to other treatments
  • On specifically chosen occasions to rehydrate and give a new glow to your skin such as before or after prolonged sun exposure

It is most commonly used for the face, neck, and neckline.

For optimal results, it is recommended to follow the complete protocol to extend the effects of the treatment and obtain long-lasting results:

  • For an optimum treatment: 3 sessions at 3-week intervals for immediate and cumulative results
  • For a maintenance treatment of the results as soon as the need is felt: 1 session usually 3 times a year

What to Expect During The Session.

A session consists of intra or hypodermic micro-injections given with a fine needle of very small quantities of Redensity I along the lines of wrinkles and evenly spread over the surface of the whole face. This allows the Redensity I’s hyaluronic acid and nutrients to arrive at the heart of the skin.

The injections may be manual with syringes and needles but can also be electronically assisted as well.

Typically, a session will last only 20 minutes.

Are the Results Immediately Visible?

The results can be seen almost immediately at the first session as the skin will have better colour, will be less creased, more hydrated and becomes more supple. Gradually from one session to the next, the complexion looks increasingly radiant and the skin becomes firmer.

How Long Does The Effect Last?

Hyaluronic acid is a resorbable molecule, its effects are temporary and depend on several factors including skin type, age, treated area, injection technique, etc. 

For an optimum result, 3 sessions and a maintenance session 2-3 times a year are recommended.

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