Hyaluronic acid is naturally present in all of our bodies and performs a fundamental role in keeping the skin in good health and condition. It retains water similar to a sponge and maintains hydration.

Did you know that the main reasons for the aging of the skin is due to excess oxidants and progressive loss of our natural hyaluronic acid? As we grow older, we can lose up to 2/3 of our hyaluronic acid pool and by 35 years of age, the skin’s thickness has decreased by about 22% on average. As our skin gets thinner, it becomes more fragile and dehydrates while the elasticity diminishes.

Think of an apple. As it dries out, the skin gets dehydrated and loses its shine.

Are there ways to prevent this? Good news, it’s not inevitable! We are able to take action to stimulate the beauty of our skin while it undergoes its changes.

Have you heard of hyaluronic acid injections? These injections are designed to prevent premature aging and boost the radiance of our face. Injections compensate for the natural loss of this substance and stimulate the auto-production of collagen to help.

Injectable hyaluronic acid enables us to push forward into the future need for ant-aging surgery – it’s a win!

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