Glabellar lines, also known as those pesky frown lines, are vertical wrinkles on the forehead that appear between the eyebrows.

Though often thought of as caused by aging, Glabellar lines and aging aren’t totally related. Because frown lines are created by facial expressions, they can actually begin to appear at a young age. The appearance of the lines can become worse as the collagen in that area of the forehead begins to break down.

There are several factors, in addition to facial expressions, that can cause or worsen the appearance of frown lines.

Some factors include:

  • Sun exposure – UV light in the sun can damage collagen
  • Aging – Yes, this can play a part. Aging can create a loosening of collagen fibres and decreased skin elasticity
  • Smoking – Quit while you’re ahead. Smoking can reduce the amount of new collagen that is produced
  •  Repeated facial expressions – If you find yourself making the same face, take note

Effective treatments for this area can help by temporarily reducing the muscle activity in the forehead, which can help to smooth out wrinkles and create a younger appearance.

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