Why consider Rejuvenate Medical Spa and Spa Surgica for your next treatment?

From the surgical facelift of yesteryear, to the non-surgical Botox, filler, and laser procedures of today, plastic surgery and skin treatments have come a long way.

Dr. M. W. Elmaraghy, board certified Plastic Surgeon and owner of Spa Surgica and medical director of Rejuvenate Medical Spa, states that due to innovations in science and technology, plastic surgery is increasingly being complemented by non-surgical options like Botox, injectable fillers and the use of lasers. “ A ‘Rejuvalift’ is one of these great trends toward non-surgical procedures with minimal downtime” describes Dr. Elmaraghy. “Aesthetically today it is not about pulling the face to achieve a youthful appearance. We want you to achieve a natural look.” Dr. Elmaraghy explains that as we age, the face actually loses “volume” under the eyes, cheeks, temples, corners of the mouth and along the jaw line, in addition to thinning of lips. Volume filling is the latest trend in non-surgical facial rejuvenation – which actually reshapes the face. Spa Surgica and Rejuvenate Medical Spa use a non-animal, stabilized hyaluronic acid (NASHA) or dermal-fillers such as Restylane, to restore lost facial volume and literally “plumps up the volume” for a more natural look.

The “ value added ” of coming to a board certified Plastic Surgeon is the benefit of speaking with someone trained in understanding facial aesthetics and the natural process of aging in addition to the detailed anatomy of the face to help them achieve their best results. From Botox and fillers to full face lifts , Rejuvenate Medical Spa and Spa Surgica offer clients an opportunity to have an integrated and holistic approach to meeting their aesthetic needs and discuss both surgical and non – surgical options . Dr. Elmaraghy is a Certified Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada , with a specialist degree in plastic surgery. He has been a practicing plastic surgeon in Kitchener Waterloo since 1999 , and is the chief attending plastic surgeon at Grand River and St Mary’s Hospitals.

Dr. Elmaraghy expanded his 12 – year Spa Surgica practice from Belmont Village to Erb Street East and Moore Avenue, near uptown Waterloo, to include a luxurious 10,000 square – foot locale , three floors high that houses Spa Surgica , which has an operating room, recovery suites, and overnight facilities as well as Rejuvenate Medical Spa where clients can be pampered while receiving everything from Botox, fillers, facials, pedicures, chemical peels , and high-end technology using lasers to rejuvenate clients ‘ skin and body. Plastic Surgery and Non – Surgical Treatments are now all under one roof with an integrated team of medical professionals to help you achieve your aesthetic goals. The decision to have plastic surgery is a very personal journey and Spa Surgica takes extra care to meet all their clients through one – on – one consultation with Dr Elmaraghy. Where non – surgical options exist, Dr. Elmaraghy and his team of medical professionals can advise and discuss a treatment plan incorporating the latest advances at Rejuvenate Medical Spa. Only products and services that have been medically proven to work are suggested to clients. Dr. Elmaraghy advocates that people considering any form of plastic surgery or non – surgical aesthetic treatments need to be informed and educated as it is important that when choosing a service provider, you confirm the Royal College credentials are consistent with the scope of practice for the cosmetic surgical procedure to be performed. Royal College certified plastic surgeons are trained to provide effective and safe cosmetic surgical procedures.

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